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Who We Are

Sanjeev Varshney Classes is the name that needs no explanation. Sanjeev Varshney Classes was founded in the year 2006 – thanks to our Sanjeev Varshney Sir; the proud founder of Sanjeev Varshney Classes, who had taken an oath to provide students a logical explanation of everything in the course. It is in itself a well-known institute that imparts quality education to everyone. The unique teaching methodologies used by the very experienced faculties give students a logical and practical knowledge. The wonderful techniques do not leave students doubtful about the concepts but clear the concept as fine as a crystal. The face-to-face classes given in Sanjeev Varshney Classes are widely renowned in the teaching community. The faculties here are very much experienced and are always ready for you to give answers to your every question so that you don’t feel guilty about taking education in our institute. So, leave all your confusions behind and enter Sanjeev Varshney Classes to get logical, quality, experienced and latest education by the very known and experienced faculties and get a better result than any others!

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