CMA Hammad Abbas

Practising Cost Accountant

As the most known proverb says "All coaching, is taking the player where it can't reach itself" I would like to thank my mentor my coach my Sir, Mr Sanjeev Varshney...

I consider myself fortunate to be able to learn from you and your experiences. Your advice has helped me to make it beyond what I imagined myself capable of achieving. It’s a blessing to have such a fantastic and energetic guide like you in my life. I’m deeply indebted to your diligent service. This note is a reminder that your hard work and time do not go unnoticed. I value everything you do to make me become the best person I am today...!!!!

I’m dedicating my every victory to you, my patient trainer and role model. You never gave up on me, and I couldn’t have achieved this success without your guidance. 

Thank you!!!!!